MEGA-RECRUITER is a company engaged in the selection of senior, senior and middle management levels (executive search & management selection) and the implementation of projects in the field of HR. The company has a strong expertise in evaluating candidates, the company's managers have experience in HR for at least 10 and more than 20 years both in consulting (international consulting firms) and within the HR Management function in large companies (in-house HR). The Company's partners have been awarded TOP – 200 ratings of the best managers in Russia (source: rating of the Association of Managers of Russia).

The MEGA-RECRUITER has experience in implementing projects in such industries as banking and investment banking, finance (including insurance, pension funds, management and leasing companies), media, telecommunications, automotive, industrial, IT, retail companies and others.

The MEGA-RECRUITER is not a "recruitment agency", but a boutique that provides customized solutions for a specific client (tailor-made), ensuring full compliance with the best practices (benchmark) of world leaders.